Me, myself, and my camera


Our first project at Pixelzee is a little internal technical exercise to create a Digital Photography Portfolio for Simon’s dad. Ian has all ready got a profile on Flickr, which is great as it means with the use of some cleaver API’s explained in this post, we can build a portfolio pretty quickly which will automatically update as he adds more to his Flickr account.

To start with we are creating a simple portfolio site consisting of 5 pages, home, bio, portfolio, blog and contact. The most important page is the portfolio page which will have two sections, the first a thumbnail view of all Ian’s photos and secondly a single detailed page with next and previous navigation. Using our principles of simple, creative web design, you will see Web 2.0 design aspects throughout the site including use of grid system, large text and gradients to make the site very pleasing on the eye.

Future developments will include viewing photo’s by album, a search engine and even an eCommerce solution to sell photo’s.

Using these API’s from Flickr and also including WordPress into the mix means we can create a fully CMS driven site for Ian where he can change and update all detail as and when he needs to.

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